Why do dogs like to cuddle?

They don’t seem to care where or when it is, many dogs just want to cuddle all the time.  Although excessive by human standards, it is totally adorable when coming from a dog.  Is cuddling a learned, or a natural behavior in the animal kingdom?


Why Do Dogs Like To CuddleIf we take a look at the ancestry of the modern day dog, we will see that dogs were pack animals; moving, eating, and sleeping together as one unit.  Dogs are naturally social creatures. They band together to accomplish a task that might otherwise be hard or impossible for just a single dog to do.  They seek companionship for both survival and company.  As pack animals, they have a natural affinity to please, and to give or seek affection; which is how they bond with their pack.

Dog Bonding

This is really what makes “Dogs a mans best friend”, the ultimate and uncontested desire to be a part of your life.  Many times when EMT’s respond to a medical emergency, they will find dogs right next to their owners, comforting and protecting them.  Dogs have an astounding ability to sense emotions, from joy to pain, and they seek to make life better for their pack mates.  As it turns out, this is incredibly beneficial to humans, and many studies have shown that people who have a dog are happier, and healthier people. Primarily because dogs offer so much comfort and emotional support to their families. So the next time your dog comes up and wants to cuddle with you, give it a try and feel the natural healing of puppy power!