Why Do Dogs Vomit?

If you own a dog, chances are you have seen them vomit.  Why do dogs vomit?  Well, dogs are actually much more efficient at vomiting than we are, and will vomit for many more reasons than we will.  Whereas humans only vomit when they have a serious digestive system problem, dogs can vomit for almost any reason, like simply throwing up something they didn’t like.

Why Do Dogs Vomit?Some of the most common causes of dogs vomiting are simple food problems.  If they eat too much, or too quickly, they will probably have an upset stomach and vomit.  If they eat something they do not like, or that does not sit well in their stomach, they will vomit.  If they eat some bad food or food that is not good for their digestive system, they will vomit.  And of course, if they eat their toy or some other random thing, they will vomit it up.  Some dogs get car sick or motion sickness, some dogs have food or dietary intolerance, and some will even vomit when they are feeling anxious.   These episodes are normal and natural, nothing very serious to be worried about (unless your dog starts choking).  However, if your dog starts vomiting on a regular basis, there is probably some cause for concern.  This can be brought on by a bacterial or parasite infection in the digestive system, kidney or liver failure, pancreatitis, or a change in diet.  These things can range from mild to very serious, and it is best to go get your dog checked out by a vet if they are vomiting with regularity, so you can find out what the cause of it is.  If you start to see vomiting with other symptoms of having a sick dog, such as blood in stool, or diarrhea, it is definitely time to go see the vet. But if your dog just pukes up his meal, it is probably not too great a cause for concern. Why Do Dogs Vomit?  Well, for all kinds of reasons!