Why Do Dogs Whine?

Well, whining is one of many forms of doggy speak or their vocal communication skills.  When dogs whine, they are trying to say something!  Dogs will most often whine when they are seeking attention, or when they are super excited, sometimes they will even whine when they are trying to please you!

Why Do Dogs Whine?The reasons why a dog is whining depend greatly on the context of the situation, and the particular dog that is whining.  Dogs will learn and seek out which situations are most appropriate to whine in, based on how reactions to the behavior have come in the past.  Most dogs classically whine to seek attention, or when they are upset and want you to do something (like feed them, or bring them somewhere).  Dogs do this for one very simple reason; because it works.  Most humans will respond to a dogs whine almost immediately, so it certainly works for them!  Dogs, like most other animals, will seek out actions and behaviors that give them consistently positive results.  This is key in understanding why it is they are whining because they will usually always be doing it for the same reasons, and seeking similar results to the last time they did it.

Dogs can also whine for many other reasons, all of them learned behavior.  Some dogs will whine when greeting other humans or dogs to appease them, and to be submissive.  This will usually pair with other submissive behavior, like having their tail tucked, head down, or body lowered.  On the other hand, some dogs can whine very excitedly as a greeting behavior, and will almost yelp at other dogs.  Most dogs will also whine if anxious, especially due to separation anxiety.  And of course, dogs will whine when they are in a great amount of pain, just like humans.  If your dog is whining, it is important to figure out the reasons, and then you can change the behavior if you desire.  Keep in mind, though, that whining is a very base and ingrained attribute in dogs, and you cannot just train it out of them entirely.