The Benefits of Hide-and-Seek

Dogs enjoy hide-and-seek as much as people do. And while it is fun, this game also has practical purposes.

  1. Hide-and-seek can boost your dog’s problem-solving abilities, teach him not to panic when you are gone, and reinforce his recall skills (coming when called).
  2. Hide and Seek Dog The game gives your dog a mental and physical workout – he has the chance to run and to use his senses and mental abilities, which is satisfying and wears him out.
  3. It is a great game to play with your dog if you aren’t too mobile since you don’t have to do any running, only a little walking and some waiting.
  4. This is a great opportunity to teach your dog a useful skill, “SIT/STAY”. Your dog can be so much better around others and in public if she respects this command. Having the reward of an energetic game of hide-and-seek can encourage her to learn it.

This does not need to be a complicated game to have fun. So what if your dog finds you in 15 seconds—just go hide again! This game gets him or her running, they get to use their mind, and they have your attention.

Whether a newbie or old hand to the game, here are some ideas for your next round of Hide-and-Seek!


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