Are There Human Side Effects?


Effects of a Citronella CollarDog owners often look to solutions like a citronella dog bark collar when a dog develops a problem with nuisance barking in order to solve the problem quickly and without a struggle. If you live alone with your pup, only you are responsible for and will be affected by his training. However, in a household that includes a family or roommates, your dog’s training may have some impact on the other people in the house. For training methods that are very hands on, other people in the house must be willing to be consistent and firm about maintaining the method of training being used. Dog owners who opt to use a citronella collar, however, may find themselves wondering if the function of the collar itself will be an issue for them or the other members of their household.

Using A Citronella Dog Collar

In order to fully understand any impact a citronella collar might have, it’s important to understand how this particular type of dog bark collar works. A citronella dog collar wears just like a regular collar, with two important differences. First, it features a small canister of a spray made with citronella oil, which dogs do not like but will not be harmed by. Second, it features an electronic mechanism capable of detecting repeated barking being produced by your pet. When the mechanism recognizes that the dog is engaging in problematic barking behavior, the collar releases a short burst of the spray. Because the dog dislikes the harmless spray, his barking behavior is disrupted, at least momentarily. If he continues to bark in a problematic way, the collar will again release the spray, leading to a long-term association between being quiet and avoiding the offending stimulus. It’s important to perform initial training tactics with your pup so that they understand the collar’s function, but after that, it becomes a great way to reinforce training whether near or far.

Effects On Humans?

Now, down to brass tax. If your dog doesn’t like the smell of the citronella oil spray, will it bother you and your housemates? Is it harmful in any way? The short answer is no, and the long answer simply explains why – citronella is a totally natural product. There are a lot of misconceptions about what citronella actually is. Most people know citronella as a harmless insect repellant which can be both worn on the body and used in outdoor products like candles and sprays to prevent an excess of mosquitos and other pests. This being said, it is not a chemical product like DEET and many other harmful repellants, which, beyond its efficacy, is a reason many people choose the product.

Citronella Scent and Solution

Citronella is a product made with oils derived from the stems and leaves of the lemongrass plant. The solution within the citronella bark collar is further diluted from the natural oil state, making the smell less pungent and eschewing any irritation that can come with highly concentrated natural oils of any type. While it is possible that household members might experience the scent of citronella when training with a citronella dog bark collar, the scent will generally not be overpowering in any way, since a production of scent on the level where it could be smelled throughout the home would be harmful to your canine buddy. It’s important to note that the solution in a citronella spray collar while diluted, could cause skin irritation to a particularly sensitive person if exposed for long periods of time without washing. The amount of spray produced and concentration of citronella within the solution used in a citronella dog bark collar make this unlikely, but to be safe, wash hands, wrists, and arms after handling the solution or an animal that has been training with the collar.

Citronella Bark Collar Effectiveness

Few natural training methods work with the speed and efficacy of a citronella dog bark collar. The reason for this is that dogs are naturally inclined to train well when a basic cause and effect situation is presented. With your help, your dog can quickly learn that nuisance barking behavior will lead to exposure to an unpleasant stimulus, allowing them to internalize the idea that excessive barking is bad news. Citronella bark collars are more humane than other quick training methods like e-collars and choke chains, because they impart the same basic cause and effect training without using pain or fear as training tools. These collars are actually more likely to impact other members of the household because dogs trained in this way can become aggressive and fearful. Training with a citronella dog bark collar is quick, effective and the collar itself has little to no impact on humans.