yorkshire terrier

Your new Friend the Yorkshire Terrier!


Behavior common of the Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is an affectionate, confident and extremely devoted small dog breed that will love attention and focus whole-heartedly on his family. The Yorkshire Terrier is a favorite for people looking for the perfect cuddle tog. This small dog breed will also love to go on adventures and walks with you and will sometimes be a little mischievous if he is bored. Do not leave this dog alone in a yard!

Yorkshire Terriers are extremely energetic and will require a bit of exercise to be completely happy. Walk them every day but make sure to have him on a leash before he runs off on his own adventure because they also love to chase after little animals around the neighborhood.

These dogs have no fear and will have no problem getting in confrontations with dogs much bigger than themselves. Because of this fearlessness, make sure to raise them from a puppy around other dogs and small pets and especially small children. He will not have that much patience when it comes to very young children and can snap at them if he is mishandled.

The friendliness of this breed is off the charts but they are also reserved around strangers they do not know making the Yorkshire Terrier and excellent guard dog as well. They have great hearing which allows them to be a great protective guard dog and his bark is a high pitched bark which is not that frightening.

Yorkshire Terriers are easily trained and can learn many different commands. You can even train them to compete in different dog sports. Training him requires patience as sometimes this small dog breed will be stubborn. They are also a bit hard to housebreak but with proper training and management, it can be done.

Appearance of the Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is very small at only 8 inches tall and weighing in at 5 to 8 pounds. Their coat is straight and long and is usually gold and black. There are also different variations such as blue and tan, blue and gold, and black and tan colored coats.

Grooming your Yorkshire Terrier

Every few months you will need to clip your Yorkshire Terrier’s coat short. Because of this, he will only need to get brushed once or twice a week to prevent any tangles from becoming a problem. Remember to trim up your dog’s coat and he will love you for it!

History of the Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier’s name comes directly from the English city and was a favorite among the working people. This breed was also used to hunt rats by miners in the outlying areas of the city. Later down the road, he became very popular with all classes of people and appeared in a dog show in 1861 and then officially named the Yorkshire Terrier in the early 1870’s. The Yorkshire Terrier is the most popular breed of terriers today.