Changing Seasons and Your Dog’s Schedule

A new school year has started and autumn is fast approaching, which means schedules are  starting to change. Even if you don’t have kids in school, there are many changes this time of the year that you encounter: shopping patterns, daylight patterns, traffic patterns, patterns at your job or for your business – lots of schedules change with the seasons.

As schedules readjust in the autumn, don’t forget to adjust your schedule to accommodate your dog.

Fall Autumn Dog ScheduleFor instance, as daylight hours in the northern hemisphere get shorter, you may need to walk your dog earlier when it’s light out. If your schedule is getting more hectic because you or your family has more activities, you may to plan for and rearrange feeding times, medication times (if necessary), exercise, etc.

Adjust your dog’s schedule accordingly so includes:


Exercise time should be more than a bathroom break – plan for the appropriate amount of time your dog needs to stretch his or her legs. It’s not a bad thing to get up earlier, if necessary, to get in dog’s exercise before your day starts. You’ll help burn off their energy or potential anxiety. You’ll get your metabolism burning more efficiently all day.

Feeding time:

2 or 3 smaller meals are better than one for weight maintenance, blood sugar balance, and even for your dog to feel that she is satisfied and eating enough. Even with a busy schedule, see how you can fit in 2 to 3 mealtimes for your pooch.

Play time:

If your dog is home alone most of the day, try to make it a point to have some bonding time or plain old playtime every day. Even if you walk your dog daily, but early in the day, that one-on-one time with you is important for his mental health. Some days that might be Fetch in the backyard, some days that may be playing on the floor or playing indoors, some days that just lounging together on the couch with you giving a good rub.

September and the fall season is really the beginning of a new year for many people in a way. If you haven’t been giving your dog all the attention and exercise he needs, consider this time a good opportunity to make a ‘New Year’s’ resolution and create a schedule and routine for good dog health!