Popcorn, for Your Dog?OwnedbyPugs


Many people in the world own a dog. For various reasons, most people have a dog and they treat it just like a real human being and a family member. If you currently own a dog, you should know how and what kinds of food that you can feed them so that you can best take care of their health. As you can see, there are so many dog owners in this world who don’t know what kinds of foods are best for their dog. You should know that there are so many foods out there for dogs that can cause some serious trouble for your dog’s health.

A lot of people love to eat popcorn. If you are eating popcorn right now and your dog is right beside you begging for the food you are eating, you should not do anything at first since you really don’t know if popcorn is best for their health. You should ask this question “Can dogs eat popcorn?” Good thing is popcorn can be eaten by your dog but only a controlled amount. You can still enjoy a bowl of popcorn with your pet dog but you really have to consider the amount of popcorn your dog will intake. Too much popcorn can be too bad for your dog since it may become overweight. Additionally popcorn typically has a large concentration of salt, which is not good for your dog.

Too Much Popcorn Is Bad

Not all kernels go pop when you cook popcorn. If you your dog is unsupervised when eating popcorn, he or she may eat these un-popped kernel that can really damage his or her teeth. Also, it is known that un-popped kernel can upset the stomach of your dog which is really inconvenient.