Using a Citronella Collar


Citronella CollarDog owners dealing with nuisance barking often look to a citronella bark collar for a quick and humane fix to the problem. A dog’s constant barking can drive anyone to distraction, but more worrisome is the fact that many locales have local ordinances against problem barking that can lead to fines quickly stacking up for owners who don’t know how to stop the problem. This often leads to the search for a quick and effective solution, which can turn up many rapid but inhumane ways to train a dog, such as choke chains and shock collars. A citronella collar is a humane option that dog owners can use to train their pet without hurting or scaring them. Pet owners who haven’t heard of this style of dog bark collar often want to know what it is, how it works and why it works.

A citronella bark collar is styled just like a regular dog collar. The difference is twofold- it features both a small canister, which the user fills with a citronella oil spray and an electronic mechanism which detects problem barking and releases a short burst of the spray. The solution used in a citronella dog collar is harmless but unpleasant to the dog. Citronella, which is often used as an insect repellant, is a totally natural product that is a derivative of lemongrass stems and leaves. The resulting oil used in the citronella bark collar is pungent enough to be distracting to the dog without hurting them in any way or causing a reaction of fear or pain.

When a dog wearing a citronella bark collar is exposed to a situation that causes problem barking and begins vocalizing, the electronic mechanism in the citronella collar detects the barks. One or two simple barks are not enough for the mechanism to cause a reaction because punishing the dog for a small period of vocalization is not appropriate training behavior. It is when the barking becomes steady, frequent and loud that the collar knows to emit the short burst of citronella oil spray.

From a training perspective, the reason that citronella collars work is that cause and effect training is extremely effective in canines. They can comprehend basic if-then relationships when they are trained consistently and effectively. Citronella dog bark collars are consistent in their behavior of administering a burst of spray in response to barking as long as the collar is being properly maintained by the owner. It doesn’t take long at all for a dog to realize that the reason they are being exposed to the harmless yet annoying burst of spray is their excessive vocalization, which puts a quick stop to the behavior. A Tuskegee University study determined that a citronella collar for dogs had the potential to become effective within two days of training without the added stress e-collars put on pups.

There are a number of reasons that the science behind citronella collars for dogs makes them an excellent short and long term training solution for dogs. Many dog owners fear that they will come home and find out that their pet has been barking up a storm for hours, neighbors got involved and a fine is imminent. With the use of a citronella anti-bark collar, pet owners can feel assured that whether they’re home or not, their dog is being properly and consistently trained. As with all training methods, it’s best to take the time to work on the behavior with your dog while making use of the dog bark collar. The positive reinforcement you can provide increases the connection in the dog’s brain between quieting down and being rewarded with affection and praise.

It’s very important that all pet owners understand that barking is a vocalization that dogs primarily use to communicate with humans, not with one another. If your dog isn’t getting enough food, water, exercise, affection, mental stimulation or is feeling sick, their barks may be an indication of the situation. Therefore, it is important to carefully examine your pet’s environment and assess their well being before deciding how to proceed with training. For pets who are healthy and happy and whose only problems are their bouts with nuisance barking, a citronella dog bark collar is a solution that offers an extremely quick fix in comparison to other training styles. The science behind the collar also affords pet owners the peace of mind of knowing that if their dog starts to act up when they’re at work or school, the collar will handle the situation.